About Mitchell Schwartz

Mitchell Schwartz founded The Bomaye Company in 1999 and currently serves as President. A campaign veteran who can be seen in such political documentaries as "The War Room" and "Feed," Mitchell has played a role in nearly every presidential election since 1984, when he worked on the Mondale for President campaign. In 1988, he worked on the Dukakis for President campaign. In 1992, he was State Director for Bill Clinton in the pivotal first primary state of New Hampshire, and worked on his campaign in California in 1996. More recently, Mitchell worked on several California races, including scheduling and advance operations for Senator Barbara Boxer, as well as local mayoral and city council races.

Mitchell was appointed Communications Director at the State Department during President Clinton's first term. As President of The Bomaye Company, he has continued working in the international arena, setting up town hall meetings for United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, and organizing a UN basketball camp for children from the former Yugoslavia.

Shortly after founding The Bomaye Company, Mitchell was awarded a contract to launch the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Green Power program, which is now the largest and most successful green power campaign in the country. The Bomaye Company continues to work with the LADWP's Green Power program, and on behalf of a number of environmental organizations, including Natural Resources Defense Council and Global Green.