Smart. Focused. Results. Value. Period.

Public affairs services often run the gamut from publicity campaigns on behalf of corporations, organizations and individuals, to supporting legislative and litigation efforts, to "crisis communications" needs in the wake of a damaging public disclosure or news article.

PMPA has earned a reputation in Washington as a firm that bridges the gap between providing seasoned public affairs and media relations counsel to clients and the execution of high-impact, agenda-setting national media coverage that can forever change the dynamics of a policy debate or litigation matter. One story in the New York Times or Fortune magazine can have more impact on public perception than hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on public relations.

Within this framework, sometimes less is more.

When a client issue requires additional resources or a more comprehensive approach, we assemble a team of like-minded professionals with unique sets of expertise to broaden our capabilities on behalf of a client.

By matching client needs, when needed, with deployable resources, PMPA can always do what it does best - service clients. Again, less is truly more.

And by focusing on what we do well, rather than offering a comprehensive menu of PR services, PMPA's unique structure allows us to work hand-in-hand with corporate executives, lobbyists and attorneys to create and maintain a set of core messages that will resonate in the public and policy realm while ensuring that legislative and legal strategies are executed with the ubiquitous "news cycles" in mind.