About Tom Gorman

Tom Gorman has nearly two decades of experience in communications consulting, media relations, and the management of campaign communication strategy and events. He is regularly hired to ensure that high-profile, politically sensitive, communications projects and programs succeed at every level, from concept to completion.

In the last three years alone, Mr. Gorman has undertaken several projects that combine high-stakes politics, complex logistics and sophisticated message management and distribution:

He directed a group of designers, producers, technology experts, technical crew and political consultants to produce "America 2000," the Democratic Party's presidential nominating convention. He served as the White House's managing director of events and communications for NATO's 50th Anniversary Summit in Washington, D.C., directing a 70-member staff, developing and refining summit themes, devising and implementing NATO TV (a multilingual television broadcasting matrix serving media outlets throughout the world), overseeing a state-of-the-art media center serving 3,000 media representatives, and briefing leaders from more than 40 countries. He was U.S. representative and special advisor to the European Union, organizing the 44 heads-of-state Stability Pact Summit in Sarajevo on the rebuilding of the Balkans. And he oversaw the budgeting, planning and implementation of the 2001 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention. In each of these positions, he supervised every aspect of event design and production, from themes, concepts and logistics to protocol, security, media arrangements and live-camera coverage.

During the Clinton Administration, he orchestrated dozens of live televised White House and campaign events, managing visits by the President, Vice President and First Lady to more than 30 states and 12 countries. He has managed the creation of broadcast and webcast architecture, supervised video coverage and directed the production of high-quality digital content for use in Internet, cable and broadcast applications. He has substantial experience in designing and implementing high tech strategies that integrate Internet, cable and satellite communications technology to expand the communicative power of events.